the farm is now open for 2024 season, tickets must be purchased online in advance.

When we’re kids, bliss just comes naturally. But as we grow up, we start to think feeling good should wait until there’s nothing more important to do.We forget how important it is to stop now and then and be delighted with what’s right in front of us.

We think everyone should squeeze moments like that into every day. Pet a dog, smell a flower, count stars and, once in a while, lose yourself in something sweet and delicious as if you didn’t have a care in the world. Desserts are what we make at Chudleigh’s, but bliss is why we do it.

We first invited people to visit our family’s apple farm in Milton, Ontario, in 1967. We were inspired to see how families from nearby cities loved this taste of country life, and how a sunny fall day on the farm just seemed to turn everybody into a kid. Fresh apple pie seemed like a natural way for visitors to take that memory home with them, so we soon began baking them from scratch on site. And word spread.

Today, we do our baking in a modern 110,000 square foot bakery five minutes down the road from our family farm. With 200 dedicated full time employees making desserts for customers across North America and beyond, Chudleigh’s has become a real Canadian success story. But we’ve never strayed far from our roots, and we think that shows in every bite.

How We Make Our Products

Quality Goes In, Yummy Comes Out.

The first Chudleigh’s pies were sold at our farm, and we personally met the families who bought them. So from that day to this, we’ve had a special obsession with the quality of what goes into the treats we bake.

This obsession began with peeling our own apples fresh, the same day we use them. But it wasn’t long before we became just as picky about our flour, which is still freshly milled from our own custom blend of grains. Chudleigh’s Blend #3 is milled never more than a few days before it’s baked into your dessert, so it’s even fresher than what goes into a lot of ‘fresh baked’ products. Today, we set the same picky standards for everything we bake with, from eggs to blueberries. After all, if a treat isn’t special, it isn’t really a treat.

'From Scratch'?

When it comes to baking, there’s an easy, cheap way, and there’s a harder, more expensive way. You can guess which one tastes the best.

That’s why every Chudleigh’s treat is baked from scratch. If you have a baker in your own family, you already know ‘from scratch’ means no shortcuts. We peel and cut our own fresh apples instead of buying them already processed. Our pastry is made here from the same ingredients you would use rather than bought in bulk from a factory. Everything that wears our family’s name starts out as pure, simple ingredients right here in our bakery. ‘From scratch’ is the mark of bakers that really care, and we’re proud to say that includes us.

Frozen Fresh.

You might not expect to find the freshest baked goods in the freezer section of your grocery store, but a Chudleigh’s treat is often just that.

We choose to freeze our baked treats because that’s as close as you can get to tasting them fresh from our oven. When you warm them to serve in your own kitchen, you’re enjoying what we’ve baked for you just as we baked it, without unnecessary preservatives, processes or packaging. Everybody knows frozen desserts are convenient and last a long time. At Chudleigh’s, we think ours are also the tastiest.