Thank you for a great season! The farm is now closed.

Together at Chudleigh’s

You can’t make the perfect apple pie without the right mix of ingredients, and you can’t make a great company without the right mix of people. For more than 50 years, Chudleigh’s has been an important part of peoples’ lives. Our success hinges on the innovative, dedicated and inspiring individuals who make up our team, and who pride themselves on making every Chudleigh’s experience sweet.

Interested in joining the Chudleigh’s team? We want to hear from you!



We believe in rolling up our sleeves and digging in—together. Through collaboration and creativity, we work hard to develop the best experiences and most mouthwatering treats for our customers. Our goal? To serve a slice of happiness to everyone who visits our farm or tastes one of our desserts. We promise, it’s delicious work.


At Chudleigh’s, our roots run deep, which gives us the stability and strength we need to grow our company. But we also need creative thinkers, visionaries and passionate powerhouses. We know our customers will be happy if our employees are, so we are committed to providing a nurturing work environment chock full of opportunities to grow and bloom.


Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life. We didn’t come up with that saying, but we sure believe it. We also believe that work should be rewarding, engaging and, dare we say, fun? (We dared. We said it. Work should be fun!)

Work at The Farm

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