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For Farm related enquiries:

Farm and Entertainment at Chudleigh’s
9528 Regional Road 25
Halton Hills, Ontario
L9T 2X7

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Admissions Information

Info Line: (905) 878-2725
Tel: (905) 878-9547
Fax: (905) 878-0042

For product enquiries:

Chudleigh’s Limited
8501 Chudleigh Way
Milton, Ontario
L9T 0L9

Email: feedback@chudleighs.com

Toll-Free: 1 (800) 387-4028
Tel: 1 (905) 878-8781
Fax: 1 (905) 878-6979



Planning your Corporate/Special Events at the Farm?

Reserved location under the tent and Tickets only

Tel: (905) 878-9547

Email: partyplanning@chudleighs.farm


Planning a bus tour to our farm?

Tel: (905) 878-9547

Email: farminfo@chudleighs.farm


Planning a birthday party?

Tel: (905) 878-9547

Email: partyplanning@chudleighs.farm


Planning a school tour?

Tel: (905) 878-0571

Email: schooltours@chudleighs.com



Researching apples?

An excellent resource with detailed information on apples and apple farming in Ontario is provided by the Ontario Apple Growers at www.onapples.com.