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Storing & Cooking

Cooking with Apples

Looking for a healthy dessert that everyone will love?

Choose Golden Delicious the next time you make your favourite apple dessert. These apples are so naturally sweet you won’t need to add much – if any – sugar. No one will know but you!

Simple is best

For a quick and healthy dessert, just wash and cut some Gala, Fuji, Ambrosia, or Golden Delicious into slices and sauté in a little butter. Add a little cinnamon – and serve. These apples are so sweet you don’t need to add sugar!

Avoid those sad, brown apples

When cooking with apples, sprinkle a little lemon juice to keep them looking perky and fresh.

Choose the right apple

Using apples in a salad or as a garnish? Cortlands are the best choice. It’s in their DNA to stay looking crisp and fresh.

A fresh take on Sunday dinner

Apples can add a burst of unexpected flavour to a traditional meal. Just add them to your vegetables and roast along with your chicken, turkey or pork roast. Yum!

Storing Apples

Crisp, crisper, crispest

Nothing compares to biting into a crisp, freshly picked apple. But once you’ve taken them home from the farm or market, how do you keep that crunch and flavour? With just the right combo of humidity and cold. Store apples in a perforated plastic bag in the fridge crisper, and they’ll stay delightfully fresh.

Remove those “bad” apples!

It’s true. Just one bad apple can spoil the bunch. Overripe, soft apples naturally give off ethylene gas which causes the good apples – and any other nearby fruit – to ripen too quickly and spoil.

Apples: handle with care

Do you know that apples are as fragile as eggs? More delicate than they look, apples bruise very easily, so easy does it.